The Importance of Female Friendships


It’s a beautiful thing when God brings the heart and head together and your world begins to collide with your dreams!

You might be thinking, “I’m too tired to see my dreams right now” or “the laundry is too high to find my pillow – dreams?” Well, sister, it gets better! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. But I’m not going to sugar coat every detail. It does take patience, effort and even a little work.

When I came to MOPS 3 years ago, I was sad. I was grieving the miscarriage of a child that would have made us a family of four. My kid had never been in someone else’s care and had to be peeled off my hip at our first meeting. My heart did not know how to feel when I woke up each day and my head had to do all the heavy lifting.

Since then, I’ve encountered friendships who encourage me to be where I am and that its okay, promise me that it gets better and they’re right, hold my hand through scary next-step-decisions, confidently tell me that I can do it when I doubt myself, and love me in spite of all my flaws.

Without these female friendships, I might still be reclining in the same chair, under the same pile of laundry while my boy kisses me to say “It’s okay mommy. Don’t cry. I love you!”

You see, when you gather together with like-minded people who share similar concerns, interests and activities, great things happen. You learn to initiate, ask great questions, give honest answers and develop true friendships!

Love grows. My dreams include a place for this, and now I’m watching it unfold before my eyes. That, my friend, is what happens when your head tells your heart to do what your heart can’t imagine how to do, knowing the result is worth the investment.

If you’re still looking for “your people”, please come visit us tomorrow. You just might decide it’s worth a second visit, a third, a fourth and before you know it… you’re inviting another mom you met who felt the same way you did before you found MOPS. So just listen to your head, or me – if that’s what it takes, and come enjoy coffee and breakfast with a table full of female friends who have their arms open wide, waiting on your arrival.

Click here to pre-register, saving yourself some time at the door.


Help me wish all of our moms with October birthdays a very special month!

  • Ashley Kraft, 10/1
  • Roxie Magro, 10/4
  • Vanessa Erikson, 10/4
  • Jenn MacKinnon, 10/5
  • Carmen Monteagudo, 10/27
  • Taylor Miller, 10/31

Help, we don’t want to forget those with October anniversaries!

  • Corey Troutman, 10/4
  • Ashley Kraft, 10/5
  • Keisha Payton, 10/12
  • Katie Rower, 10/19
  • Ashley Daigle, 10/22
  • Colleen Shumaker, 10/25
  • Lindsey Fraizer, 10/27
  • Margo Skaletski, 10/31

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