Grounded in Gratitude

Mamas, here we are in Thanksgiving season once again! As we approach the holiday, however it will look for your family this year, I’d like to challenge us to take a moment to be purposeful about our gratitude.

But, first, let’s not gloss over the fact mothering can be challenging in any given season, especially during the hecticness of the holidays. And, this year, your family may have faced unprecedented challenges that have created new stressors.

However, I think we can all agree upon this truth: there is always something to be grateful for.

It’s not always easy to punctuate our thanks over our every blessing. Life with littles is, well, busy! But, appreciation can become a habit ingrained into our everyday mindset.

Gratitude challenges are a wonderful way to remember the many, many ways we have been blessed by God. A journal or even taped notes on our bathroom mirror help us focus on what we can say thanks over daily.

Moreover, sometimes reframing our perspective can illuminate gratitude in a whole new light! For example, we can tell ourselves, “I am so burdened by all I to do today – dishes, laundry, bills, carpool lines, etc.!”

We can rewrite this narrative in a spirit of thankfulness by declaring, “I am so grateful I have food in my pantry, clothes for my family, service providers that supply my family’s needs, and a school for my children to attend.”

Sound simple? The concept is! But, the application can take a little work. Take heart mamas: you can do this!

With a little intentionality, thanksgiving can be a way of life as we speak our joy and gratitude over the people and blessings in our life. And, what’s more, a spirit of gratitude can spread joy, so let’s sprinkle it over our lives and relationships like confetti!

Join us Monday, Nov. 16th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Newnan First Baptist Church as we delve into this topic and encourage each other in the spirit of Thanksgiving!


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